Areas of Expertise

Evaluation and Diagnosis 
  • Admission Evaluation 

  • Psychiatric Evaluation 

  • Substance Abuse Evaluation 

  • Department of Children and Family Evaluation

Each patient will have a two part evaluation which consists of an interview with a therapist and a psyhciatrist.  Some evaluations may take longer than one session.  In some cases definitive diagnosis cannot be established until sufficient clinical data is collected.  

  • Psychiatric medication management ​​

  • Medication assisted treatment of addictions 

  • Laboratory Work Up 

  • Genetic Testing (when indicated)

Collaboration with previous providers to ensure continuity of care.


Addiction medicine for treatment of opiate and alcohol abuse. 


Medications are verified through Connecticut Prescription Monitoring Program.  


Random drug screenings are required for certain clinical protocal. 

Individual and Family Psychotherapy 
  • Crisis Stabilization 

  • Family Therapy

  • Couples Therapy

  • Individual Therapy

  • Clinical Interventions

  • Assessment and Diagnosis

  • Consultation 

Psychotherapy is provided in conjuntion with or without use of psychopharmacology.   Psychotherapy modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Therapy, Supportive Therapy and Insight Oriented approaches.

Life Coaching

  • College Preparation 

  • Job Preparation 

  • Budgeting  

  • Goal Setting 

  • Helathy Relationship Building 

  • Problem Solving

Specialized Behavioral Care helps you to move through the different stages of life.  Together we can overcome obstacles and reach important milestones to help achieve your goals.  


Psychiatric and psychotheraputic sessions from the convenience of your home with the use of either a telephone or computer.


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Our Approach

At Specialized Behavioral Care we utilize an evidence-based approach with a combination of carefully tailored psychopharmacology and psychotherapy modalities to collaborate with clients and bring optimal outcomes, helping to achieve treatment goals. Our psychopharmacology approach includes both traditional psychotropic and addiction medications.  Among therapy modalities, we utilize Motivational Interviewing, Imago Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Midnfulness-based Therapy (MBCT) and Prolonged Exposure Therapy with a particular area of experience and expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  


We are looking forward to engaging telemedicine options in the near future. 


In addition we offer training and supervision to Licensed Certified Social Workers (LCSW), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and Advanced Nurse Practitioners (APRN).  


Specialized Behavioral Care works with each individual patient to establish goals and objectives of treatment in context of each unique set of problems and circumstances.  


We work to meet the needs of each individual, couple or family. 


Specialized Behavioral Care is a small, personal office in a private setting. We uphold all HIPPA compliant regulations to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. 


Our office is conveniently located and within easy reach from most locations in CT.  


Our office hours are optimized to fit your busy schedule.